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Spring Community Garage Sale: 2017

The Spring Garage Sale 2017 date has not been set at this time please look out for the official date when the BOD approve the date.  The association will hang banners along with advertised in the local newspaper and Garage Sale Social Media sites to promote this event. Goodwill will be accepting your donations in […]

No Parking on the Grass at the Bus Stop

The grass along the boulevards is constantly being rutted up by parents picking up and dropping off their children at the bus stop. When it rains, our grass is very soft and is easily torn up by car tires as they park at the edge of the grass. This has been a constant problem […]

Pet Waste/Trash/Litter

It has been brought to our attention that there has been a significant increase in trash and litter in our neighborhood. Specifically pet waste bags left on Westwood Lakes Boulevard along the walking path.

There are also complaints of empty plastic bottles and trash left in the common areas along and down the walking path.

This […]

Wildlife & Water Hazards

Westwood Lakes is where nature and neighbors co-exist. The Westwood Lakes community is filled with many species of wildlife and water hazards.

It has been brought to our attention that small children have been seen unsupervised around the ponds. It is imperative that children are not left unsupervised around ponds as they are water hazards. […]