Westwood Lakes’ Current Board of Directors

The Shelter is first come first serve .

For any questions or concerns about our county park please contact Office of Neighborhood Relations or go to  http://hcflgov.net

Wanda L. Sloan
Neighborhood Liaison
Office of Neighborhood Relations

P: (813) 307-3564
M: (813) 335-2398
E: sloanw@HCFLGov.net
W: HCFLGov.net

Lori Hudson
Neighborhood Liaison
Office of Neighborhood Relations

P: (813) 307-8388
M: (813) 422-9513
E: hudsonle@HCFLGov.net
W: HCFLGov.net

Jennifer Boyd
Neighborhood Relations
P: (813) 274-6955
E: boydj@HCFLGov.net
W: HCFLGov.net

The Hillsborough County Park located just inside the Westwood Lakes entrance (12450 Westwood Lakes Blvd. Tampa, FL 33626) offers amenities such as: four basketball courts, a soccer field, baseball diamond, playground, shelter and picnic tables.

Hillsborough County maintains the equipment and amenities.

Please go to HCFLGov.net for information about Hillsborough county parks and recreation and to request a service.

Westwood Lakes Homeowner Association maintains the grass at the county park.


Please contact Animal Services at 813-744-5660 for immediate assistance.

Many owners have been successful in using the Westwood Lakes Tampa Florida Facebook group in and posting a picture/description

Lost and Found Pets of Hillsborough County

Westwood Lakes Tampa Florida (This is a closed group for Westwood Lakes residents.)


Call  Resource Property Management at  727-796-5900 please specify you are calling in reference to Westwood Lakes.  


There is a new tool to help you help us keep our county safe. It’s called tip411. All you have to do is download it to your smartphone or tablet. tip411 is simple yet effective.

You can find the app through the Apple App store or Google Play. Just type in “HCSOSHERIFF” (no space). Download it and keep it handy.

tip411 is easy to use. To send us a tip, press “New Tip.” You can also include a photograph or video. Just touch the camera icon at the bottom.

All tips transmit instantly to our Communications Center, where the information is directed to the appropriate area, i.e. patrol, narcotics, warrants, etc.

We monitor tip411 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And all tips are anonymous.

Remember: in the event of an emergency, always dial 9-1-1.

Driving concerns or Crime concerns:

Master Deputy Hugh Alter



Tampa Electric – TECO supplies and repairs outdoor streetlights within Westwood Lakes.

As the Homeowner’s Association at Westwood Lakes, Inc. is classified as a not-for-profit commericial account, please be sure to select the “Area Lights located on commercial property” button on their form.

Be sure to write down the pole identification numbers as they will need this information.

If you believe that the lights out condition creates an urgent or emergency condition, be sure to include this information.

Article 3.6.4
No Owner shall maintain on its Lot or appurtenant to any Dwelling any of the following without the prior written approval of the Committee first obtained: satellite dishes, outside antennas: flags, flagpoles or other ornamentation; children’s playhouse; outbuilding’s piping; above-ground swimming pools; carports; outside parking areas; outside refuse and trash containers; or “for sale” or “for rent” signs except in a Committee approved format.

Resolution Clarifying Signage in Common Areas, Westwood Lakes Board of Directors, April 24, 2002

Resolved: Open House signs or one-day event signs such as garage sales and or parties may be placed in the common area of the homeowner’s village. The signs may be placed from sunrise to sunset. All signs will be removed by sunset. No balloons, banners, flags or ornamentation will be attached to the sign. No sign may be placed within five feet of a footpath or pedestrian walkway. Sings will not exceed eighteen inches by twenty-four inches in size. The highest point of the sign shall not exceed thirty inches above ground level. NO For Sale or For Rent signs shall be posted by any homeowner or resident in any common area of Westwood Lakes.

The following provides information on the Mail Boxes approved for Westwood Lakes.

Sawgrass ONLY
R-3 “Ball” Finial , 3” x 6.5’ fluted aluminum post,T1 Black Alumnium Box w/ Gold Flag & Numbers on Sides of Box (2 boxes required on a DBL) , DB-29 Bracket – (2 brackets required on DBL) All components are powder coated Mineral Black.

Complete DBL Mailbox including installation – $768.00 + tax
Complete SGL Mailbox including installation – $596.00 + tax

Available at Creative Mailbox Designs Missy McGinnis missy@CreativeMailboxDesigns.com

Tampa Bay Corporate Office

13910 Lynmar Blvd

Tampa, FL 33626

Phone: (813) 818-7100 l Fax: (813) 818-7200

Toll Free: (800) 804-4809

All Westwood Lakes

Special Design with Black Vinyl Post

Single Black Mailbox including installation – $500 + tax (order 10 or more and 25% discount $375+tax)
Double Black Mailbox including installation – $700 + tax (order 10 or more get a 25% discount $262.50+tax)

Only available at Creative Mailbox Designs

Tampa Bay Corporate Office

13910 Lynmar Blvd

Tampa, FL 33626

Phone: (813) 818-7100 l Fax: (813) 818-7200

Toll Free: (800) 804-4809

Missy McGinnis @ missy@CreativeMailboxDesigns.com

Solar Group Classic Standard Premium Aluminum T-1 Box with White PVC post
Single White PVC Mailbox including installation – $350 +tax

Available at Creative Mailbox Designs

Tampa Bay Corporate Office

13910 Lynmar Blvd

Tampa, FL 33626

Phone: (813) 818-7100 l Fax: (813) 818-7200

Toll Free: (800) 804-4809

Missy McGinnis @ missy@CreativeMailboxDesigns.com
(Also available at Lowes.)

All external modications, including new or replacement of fencing, require application and approval by the Architectural Control Committee.

Below is a pertinent excerpt from the Declaration of CC&R.

Article 3.6.12 
The fencing of any Lot shall be limited to fencing of the backyard only. All fencing shall commence at the rear corners of a Dwelling, shall be a “shadowbox” construction, and shall not be higher than six (6) feet. Notwithstanding the foregoing, or anything contained herein to the contrary, any fencing along a property line which abuts a lake or conservation area must be constructed with green iron-clad chain-link fencing no higher than four (4) feet, and eight (8) foot section of “shadowbox” fencing which connects to such a fence shall not exceed four (4) feet in height.